Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oink, Cluck, Moo!

Lena is Two!

 It's a Barnyard Brunch! Or as we called it, Barnhart Barnyard Brunch...too much? Any way you say it, my baby is 2! To be completely honest, this one was tough for me. My BABY, who is really not so much a baby now is NOT a baby. I.just.can't! I fought off tears the day before and the day of her birthday; any other mom's with me on this or am I just a special crazy? Am I going to be that mom crying and clawing herself away from the school bus when my baby starts school too? Ok, enough! 

Ever since we realized that Lena really likes animals I've been planning her barnyard brunch.  She loves to make all the animal noises and she shows interest and compassion towards real life animals. I love this about her because I too like animals but her big sis is just not the animal lover, bless her heart.  

Since we couldn't use our real barn for the party we just brought the barn to our house which was almost just as fun. I had a vision for what I wanted our porch to look like and once I shared a little direction to some family members they made it happen - thank you fam! We added mums and pumpkins and items from our barn such as a pitch fork, and an old horse saddle. It was easy to use our own resources to make this happen. 

For the menu I kept it a farm brunch theme with chicken n' waffles, a vegetable garden, fresh fruit, mini assorted quiche and 'chick' deviled eggs and of course, pigs n' a blanket. I thought it would be nice to have a variety of different juices, chocolate and strawberry milk as well as a 'watering hole' and coffee. 

And last but not ever least, dessert! I've had this little recipe burning a hole in my brain for a while now; just waiting for the perfect event to make them for - cornbread cupcakes with honey buttercream! These were delicious and I'll be making these again for sure. They would be excellent for a barbecue themed party as well. I would be lying if I said they didn't melt in your mouth.

 Circleville is known for their pumpkin donuts and since it was a brunch I thought donuts would make a perfect cake so a pumpkin donut cake it was! Everyone loves these donuts, especially family members who traveled since they can't enjoy them at any time like we can. I threw in some fun donuts for the girls because everything is better with rainbow sprinkles, right? And a birthday is just not a birthday without sugar cookies! Chicks, cows, horses and pigs completed the dessert table. 

Guests left with their choice of cow tale - MOO! 

We had lots of fun and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in November to have a birthday party! This old horse saddle came in handy too; we got lots of good pictures with it. I cannot resist this one, sorry honey! It's so sweet. 

 Little Lena has been a complete joy to our family. She can be stubborn and spike a temper but she is so sweet and loving. She makes every day a lot funnier and a lot less serious. Her life is precious to me and I thank God for his continued blessings upon our family. 

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet girl. 

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