Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lena Grace had a PUUURRRFECT Birthday!

How is Lena 4 years old already? I always get a little sad around her birthday, obviously because my baby is growing up and it's exciting to see what the next phase will bring! But on the other hand, it's another year further away from my baby being the last of the baby Barnhart's! Lena is the baby of the family and she definitely knows that and knows exactly how to use her position for her own good. I mean, her face, the glasses and the voice that is SO sweet - it's a weapon! Gets me every time. But don't let that fool you. She's smart, stubborn and tough as nails so don't make her mad!

Lena loves kitty cats. In fact, sometimes I think she meows more than she talks. She loves to play 'rainbow kitty' and respond as a cat. Sometimes she asks you to address her as 'rainbow kitty' or she won't answer so this is why a kitty themed birthday was her first choice!  

Lena is in preschool this year and she's looking forward to Pre-K next year, already. She always says, 'when I get bigger and bigger I can....' She loves to tease her sister but also wants to be her biggest fan. I hope someday that Laila understands just how lucky she is to have a sweet sister that loves her so much and only wants to be her friend for life. It's hard when they're young to see the big picture but I pray that someday she'll see what I see. 

We invited our family and a few friends to spend the day with us; some traveled several hours like they always do. It means a lot to Travis and I that the girls get to see and spend time with family that we don't get to see often. 

Laila and I decorated for the party and threw in some of Lena's favorite things! We had a lot of fun wearing the cat ear headbands! 

I threw together some desserts and added in Lena's favorite ice cream toppings! I don't think the mini gummi bears lasted long! The cake was a vanilla funfetti cake because what's a party without a funfetti cake?

It was a beautiful day so we took a long walk to visit our horses and for her actual birthday on Sunday we visited our neighbors up the road at the A&R Alpaca Farm! They're very docile animals and very sweet. They loved having their picture taken and looking at our sunglasses! Maybe someday we'll have one of our own(hint!)! The girls loved visiting and learning about the alpacas and they're excited to go back and visit again. I recommend checking out the farm - super sweet people that love their animals! 

To me, there's nothing quite like celebrating your child's birthday. It's better than any, other day of the year, really. The day they were born; the day they changed your life forever. It's a big deal, am I right? Of all the good and hard things about being a mom, it's celebrating each year and watching them grow that's the very, best part of this life. 

Sweet Lena Grace, don't ever let anyone steal your fire for having fun! 
Cheers to 400 more! 

xoxo - Mom

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy 6th Birthday, Laila!

This girl is 6!
6 going on 16! And if you look up 'magical rainbow unicorn' in the dictionary there would be her picture! I have to admit, I was pretty geeked when she chose unicorns for her party theme so we picked the prettiest decorations we could find and planned her party around our special finds!

I found the girls these super, cute
uni-mask's from the Etsy store, YourPartyMarketplace. I think the adults had the most fun with them! We made unicorn punch and swirled our rock candy sticks in it, have you done that? Magical!
For dessert we had Laila's favorite cake - vanilla with sprinkles inside!
And of course, mama's special sugar cookies!
love the sprinkles that I got from NeonYolk from Etsy! It's called the "Unicorn Dream Sprinkle Mix". It's just the greatest combination of pastel sprinkles and matched our party perfectly. The dreamy confetti is freshbluemornings - Etsy; an amazing mix of all the prettiest colors.


Without parental supervision I think Laila would eat mac n' cheese for every meal, every day so I threw together her favorite, a
mac n' cheese bar! Two kinds of mac with all the fixin's - yum!


Can't forget Pin the Horn on the Unicorn and fun photo props!
Hey! Cheers to six years of rainbows and unicorns with our girl!
And for fun we took Laila to 'Party Like It's Your Birthday' at Polaris Fashion Place! It's a super cute place to have a party or to do crafty activities with your little's for something fun! They did sand art and we let them loose in their splatter room and I'm still trying to convince Mr. Barnhart that we need one of these at home!

It was a great weekend! I know that Laila had fun and enjoyed her day. May she always be as sweet and thoughtful (and opinionated) as she is at 6! We love you more than the happiest, most magical unicorn EVER.
Happy Birthday, Laila!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lena Turns 3!

Another year has flown by!
Hold on to your horses, Lena is 3! 

Lena is now in preschool learning all the important life lessons! She's hard-headed but sweet as pie and definitely marches to the beat of her very own drum. In fact, she may have her own band for all we know! She's the comedian in the family and when she gets on a roll we just sit and laugh which encourages her to keep up the entertainment. She loves to tell you how it is (or isn't) just as much as she loves to give you a kiss and hug and make sure that you're happy and that you're loving life as much as she is!

We couldn't decide on one party theme because Lena loves everything from Dora, to Princess' to Barbie to Captain Underpants and Professor Poopy Pants! But, one thing that she really does love are horses and if you know her, you know well that she is wild! Also, if you ask Lena how old she is now she'll tell you she's 'FREE'! So that's how I decided on 'Young Wild and 'FREE' (Three) for her party theme. 

We decided to use our family's barn so we made couches out of bails of straw for seating and added tables and chairs (we may have been watching the Buckeyes lose too, unfortunately). Thank you to my awesome family for always embracing my crazy party planning ideas; they really do all of the hard work! I'm thankful to have family that loves to be involved and works diligently to bring these visions to life for our girls. It always turns out way better than I imagine. 

Meet Albie and Rebel! 

All of the kids loved visiting with the horses and the horses love the attention...and the apples!

I purchased hobby horses for the girls to race with; Lena named them 'Abigail' and 'Spirit'. I can't tell you how much fun we had with these! I ordered the sewn heads and then assembled them myself with some poly fill, hot glue and a dowel rod stick - super easy and endless fun! 

They also decorated funny horse masks with colored pencils and stickers; always good to have a craft on hand! And everything I bought was stick-on so no glue or tape needed - bonus!

Take home trail mix! 

And for the cake! I made a vanilla, confetti cake just to be fun! I even put cookies on sticks to top it off! I think Lena really enjoyed her cake; especially the part where everyone sings to her. How cute is that horse balloon? I wish I would've gotten ten more of those!

I worried just a little throughout the week about the weather and it couldn't have been further from what they were forecasting for the day, it was PERFECT weather. The sun came out, no rain in sight and we were able to spend most of the whole day outside. We taught Lena and her friends how to make smore's and I'm pretty sure they loved them and loved eating the chocolate that goes on them too(sorry parents)! 

It's always tough to catch moments on such a busy day but we were able to quickly snap one of the fam! 

And the proud big sis, Laila, who is always such a big helper to me and loves to plan parties as much as I do!

Thank you to friends here and to family that drove hours just to spend the day with us. We love making memories with all of you that will last us and the girls a lifetime.
To Lena, my baby, may you always be
'Young, Wild and FREE!'
You set our hearts on fire, kid. 


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