Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Brunch and Bouquet Party!

Mom's day is the best, isn't it? Mom's, stepmom's, mother-in-law's, someone that is like a mom to you or if your mom has passed - making memories with mom is priceless. God has blessed me with one, stellar mama. And a super bonus, wonderful mother-n-law. I'm a lucky gal to have these two ladies to share life and make memories with. 

I planned a fun brunch for the mom's and my girls and it turned out to be a really, great time! I thought it would be fun to have everyone assemble their own bouquet and to of course have some yummy food too! 

We had ham and cheese quiche, fresh cut fruit with strawberry dip and granola and mini waffle and pancake stacks. 

The sherbet drinks were a huge hit, I can't wait to make them again! I used orange sherbet, although you could use any flavor and then I topped them off with organic coconut lime Italian soda - a refreshing treat! 

I made some flower pot cookies to go with the theme which were super easy and turned out perfect.   

Everyone picked their favorites and created their bouquet. When you have so many beautiful flowers it's easy to make something that you'll love. 

Lots of laughs and finishing touches later we had the finished bouquets!

This was so easy and so fun to throw together for Mom's special day. There is no greater blessing than a mother's love. Wishing you the most beautiful and well-deserved Mother's Day ever!