Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 To-Do’s To Plan A Party!

     1. Determine your theme:
Deciding on a theme really brings the event to life. Dress your party in an outfit! That may sound crazy but it's not. Once a theme is created you know in which direction you’d like the rest of your decor and planning to play out.

  2.Confirm your budget.
  Planning a party can easily get out of hand with varied costs. Be sure to plan out your budget for location, decorations, food/beverage, and gifts (if you have to buy them). And do your very best to stick to it!

  3.Compile your guest list.
  I intentionally put this AFTER #2 because if you sit down and create a guest list first you’re more likely to invite everyone you know, have known, and have the possibility of knowing in the future, right?  If you confirm your budget first, you’ll be more aware of the really special people that you want to share in the fun of your event. 

4.Plan your menu/decor.

  I always like to plan my menu around the theme. Please take into consideration what time of day your party is because people would most likely eat more at a party planned in the evening than they would a party planned in the early afternoon. Also consider who’s on your guest list and try to accommodate as best you can without getting  too far away from the menu you want to provide. Some really fun and easy menu themes are a chili bar, a Mexican fiesta, an assorted pizza party, and a barbecue! 

Now, right alongside food is drink, right? I always like to have a signature drink (or two) that goes along with the theme. This allows for everyone to have a choice but not too many choices which can really put a dent in your party budget. For adults, have one type of beer and one type of wine with some fruit infused water or have some spiked apple cider and a hot chocolate bar. You can dress it up and make it a fun beverage station and include great drink additions such as marshmallows and peppermint spoons for hot chocolate, or fruit and drink umbrellas for summertime cocktails. 

Decorations! Festive decor adds a special detail to your party. My go-to are always flowers. Usually your local market carries in-season blooms that won't break your budget and will add a special, personal touch. Coordinating plates, napkins and utensils help tie in to the theme and maybe a few balloons depending on the type of party you're having. I always like to have a fun activity also whether it be a fun photo prop or a game that everyone can enjoy, even the adults!

  5.Decide on Dessert!
  Dessert! The most fun part of any party, right? I always like to have a couple different choices for desserts. Desserts make a party sweet! I usually have a cake of some kind with some cookies or some additional treats. It’s a good idea to provide desserts that go with your theme, if possible. For instance, if you’re having a party in the fall it may be wise to do a fall themed (pumpkin/caramel apple) cake or if you’re having a summer party, maybe incorporate some fresh fruit in to your dessert. If you're hosting a party in honor of someone else, bake their favorite! If you're just having a seasonal or holiday party a safe rule to follow is this; have something you love, have something you know the guests will love and then try something new! The best table at a party is the dessert table! 

Have fun!