Tuesday, March 14, 2017


In the blink of an eye, we have a 5 year old! And she's loving every minute of it. It was her coldest birthday to date but we didn't let that slow us down one bit!

Laila was set on a Shopkins theme for her birthday this year. What exactly ARE these things? Cute, little, rubbery, plastic grocery store items with eyes and personalities and they're strung from one end of my house to the other; that's all I know.
They're the craze, the rage, the coolest and you must collect them all!!

We had all of Laila's favorite things...

Cheese Pizza! 

Mom's Cookies!

And Coloring! 

We also had chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing - of course! And two kinds of cheddar 'poppy corn'. 

Laila helped put together a cup full of Shopkins goodies for each of her friends. They contained markers, a notepad, a pencil, an eraser and tattoos! They had fun sharing and using the markers. 

We had to break out the pinata! It was super fun for kids this age so I would highly recommend it at your next kiddo party. All of the kids LOVED hitting it and it's funny how serious and determined children can be when they know there is candy involved! Hilarious!

We used Shopkins photo props so that Laila could take pictures with some of her friends!  Aren't they adorable?

These two are so cute! 

And these two couldn't have been more excited!

Laila loves purple so I threw together mostly purple flowers with a pop of yellow and placed them in little shopping baskets on the tables. We were ignoring the 29 degree weather! 

It was a great day and Laila had tons of fun spending her birthday and making memories with friends and family that she loves. She's becoming a little lady that loves to read and color and she has a creative imagination and a love for dance. She's polite and dare I say, wise beyond her years. Kindergarten registration is scheduled so let the fun (and tears) begin! I know she's going to kill it. 

Happy Birthday to my very first everything!
 I'm definitely the lucky one.