Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Saquena's 40th Birthday!

Queen Bee Turns 40!

Saquena approached me about doing some invitations and a dessert table for her 40th birthday party. We talked about different themes but ultimately settled on the most appropriate - 'Queen Bee is 40!' 

I wanted her invites to be simple and not too fancy because although they were for a queen I knew her party would be casual, laid back and lots of fun! She loved these invites so we went ahead and got these sent out to her guests.

 When I consulted with Saquena about her favorite treats she didn't really have any specific requests which was scary and fun all at the same time; I love a challenge! I eventually ran several things by her and did get a couple of desserts that she favored over others. 

One was chocolate chip cookies! Since I knew I was doing sugar cookies for her I wanted to step outside of the box a bit and incorporate her love for chocolate chip in to something other than a traditional cookie. I decided to do a chocolate chip cookie tart filled with buttercream icing and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. I love working with mini chips; they're so fun! 

For cupcakes I wanted to keep them simple and  fun so I went with ice cream sundae topped cupcakes! These turned out SUPER cute but really need to be kept cool until party time. We had fun lots of fun transporting these guys, right hubby? I even put some sprinkles in to the cupcake batter to make them extra birthday cake-ish! The explosion of deliciousness when you bite in to one of these makes turning a year older so worth it! 

 In to the late hours of a party, who doesn't want to grab a rice krispie treat? They're easy and so good, especially dipped in or sprinkled with some chocolate! Everyone seems to love these treats, including Saquena, so it was an easy addition to make for her table.

Brownies are a popular dessert too. I made homemade brownies and then dipped them with milk chocolate and white chocolate and used sprinkles, mini M&M's and candy bar chunks to add additional yum factor! 

Sugar cookies were a must, of course! I baked beehives with queen bees on them, as well as, crowns to incorporate in to her theme. 

And last but not least, the cake! A 40th birthday is kind of a big deal. I wanted to make Saquena a special cake for her day but nothing too big so that people couldn't enjoy the other desserts. She did mention that she liked chocolate cake and peanut butter so I whipped up a naked chocolate cake with some peanut butter buttercream between the layers. It created for her a perfect sized cake fit for a queen on her big day!

Thank you again Saquena for letting me help plan and make your day special. I look forward to planning your 50th with you! ;) 

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